What is AS/400 & its Support?

The AS/400 system came with an integrated relational database management system known as Db2. It used a technology-independent machine interface (TIMI), a platform-independent instruction set architecture (ISA) that enabled changing the underlying processor and running the same applications.

IBM released an easy-to-use computer series named AS400 for small businesses and enterprises. These mid-range computer series delivered better performance and high data security as compared to other computer systems in the 80s.

Though easy to use for users, IBM has a complex internal architecture. It is integrated with hardware, software, security, a database, and other components. AS400, now the IBM Power system is quite advanced, unique, extremely adaptable, and can readily incorporate new technologies. IBM i is designed to keep the software and hardware separate so changes in one do not affect the other. This happens through the Machine Interface (MI) which is a software programming interface between the application, the operating system, and the hardware. This is how the AS400 owns independent software and hardware sections. In fact, the operating system in AS400/ IBM power systems comes integrated with an inbuilt database, wherein the user will not have to make any installations separately.

By making system resources and server functions available to end users and application developers, IBM AS/400 PC Support dramatically increases the functionality and capability of a personal computer.

What is AS400 Support?


Systems like IBM’s AS400 require assistance from knowledgeable developers who have the skills and competence to efficiently manage and maintain it. Support services are available for both hardware and software, as well as for system monitoring, troubleshooting, upkeep, updates, and security.

The significance of AS400 support cannot be understated by a company whose mission-critical applications rely on AS400 platforms. These systems may have issues that influence their performance, availability, and security without sufficient support.

Benefits of AS400 Support

Economical: Companies save money while integrating and updating systems by using AS400 Support.

Efficiency: Through performance tweaking, AS400 support improves system efficiency.

Stability: When a Support service is used, AS400 systems are reliable and operate without a hitch.

Reliable: To reduce system downtime, support services include predictive maintenance.

Time to Market: Support for AS400 helps companies launch their goods or services more quickly.

Resources: Companies have access to a wider talent pool of highly qualified individuals.

In addition to IBM, corporate IT staff and other vendors can offer AS400 support. Support levels and breadth can vary depending on the provider and the organization’s demands. While some support services may focus on a particular area, like system updates or security, others may cover all AS400 management and maintenance facets.