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VIT TECH which was established by a team of experienced corporate professionals with varying degree of experience in the field of Resource Outsourcing, Corporate and Retail Training.

We at VIT TECH have a habit of delivering quality resource solutions to our clients. We follow the best corporate processes and practices, so as to deliver the standards and quality at par with the best available in the market.

VIT TECH is a Consulting firm specialized in outsourcing and Training into niche technologies as mentioned below.
Java, Testing, Oracle, .NET, IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, JD Edwards One world, JD Edwards World Soft , JD Edwards Functional S&D, Finance, Purchase, Informatica, Cognos, Hadoop, Data Science.

We provide manpower to organizations right from junior level to senior level positions. Our aim is to provide fast, quality and cost-effective, end-to-end manpower solutions for our clients. Since inception VITTECH has gained reputation by providing excellent service to its Clients with great amount of focus and determination.
We work with lot of dedication and we give heed to each of our client’s requirements.

We nurture resources not only technically but also professionally so that they can be immediately engaged with the projects.


  1. Screening of Profiles
  2. Technical and professional Screening
  3. Sharing Profiles
  4. Arranging Interviews
  5. Deploying Resources


TECH Mahindra, HSBC, Cloudrek, KPIT, Symphony, Capgemini, Hexaware, IBM, BWIR, Capita, Fiserv, Future Generali and Many more.

We assure the highest quality of service to our clients.


Corporate Training -
Corporate Training

If you are looking for fresh blood with not just strong technical and soft skills, but the maturity and knowledge of a 2 year experienced resource, then you are the right place. We are open to run a customized version of our program for selected fresh candidates who are awaiting their joining date.

With our Program, fresh entrants to your Company can scale up and achieve their maximum potential within a fraction of the time they would have otherwise needed. This is because apart from technical and soft skills, they would be endowed with the knowledge of business, practices, processes and career paths of the industry in this program. In fact they would be capable enough not just to give you top of the class delivery amidst tight deadlines but also spot automation and BVA opportunities within their scope of work to bring in continuous improvement. You will see them leading client calls, giving ideas, resolving escalations, mentoring their peers – in short leading from the front. You would be amazed at what a fresh entrant can achieve, given the right training.

Apart from our program, we also have traditional corporate training solutions for you employees and managers. We have more than a decade of experience in this field and have conducted trainings in some of the biggest names in the industry, including probably your Company. We possess expertise to provide corporate / enterprise training solutions through our internal team or external trainers through extensive search.

 VIT Tech offers the trainings through the below models:

  • On-Site Corporate / Enterprise training.
  • Off-Site Corporate / Enterprise training.
  • Enterprising Knowledge Sharing
Student training -
Student Training

If you are wondering how your career will shape up in the current circumstances, let us give you the bitter facts. The IT industry is facing a huge challenge and jobs are few and far to come by. A fresh candidate like you stands no chance to make the cut. Because there are lakhs of young people like you who are graduates and are looking to build a sustainable career. This may sound bitter but it is the truth.
Except if you are extraordinary. Exceptional times demand extraordinary people. And believe it or not, industry is actually looking for such talent. What will make you stand out? A strong technical acumen? That is just the beginning. And there are hundreds of institutes out there who can promise you that. Almost everyone amongst your peers would gain technical skills. How do you differentiate and tell the world that you are special?
That’s where we come in. Our well structured Training Program does not just make you a enhance your skills, it takes you far beyond your fresh peers. Apart from technical and soft skills, you are endowed with Industry Knowledge which only people with 2+ years of experience would typically posses. In addition or course on Automation and BVA finding will equip you with the skill to spot automation and value adds within your scope of work when you join the industry. Employees with this skill are like a dream for any IT Company, especially during these tough times.

Corporate Training -
Institutional Training

The coming years would be tough for your students to navigate as opportunities would be hard to build a sustainable career in the industry. While you may be providing them world class engineering education, the post Covid Job Market needs much more than that. A number of technical training institutes can help them with raw technical and programming skills. But even that also is not going to help and your students will end up among the lakhs who have basic technical skills.
As an esteemed organization, your brand value would be built on the kind of careers your students are able to make for themselves. And that will depend on skills which make them stand out of the crowd. What they need is a complete package of technology, soft skills and IT industry knowledge which is not provided by any training institute, except GoLive. Our team has been in the business of training and placing professionals for the past 10 years with a 100% record. Our students are working with the biggest brands in the IT industry and are delivering exceptional value to their organizations.
You can partner with us to leverage our program for your students and differentiate them from the crowd. We can deliver this Program to your final year students at your premises.

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