What value May AS400/IBM Modernization Services provide?

The survey results from the 2023 IBM Marketplace present numerous important insights. The following list of the top highlights the significance of IBM/AS400 modernization services:

  • Cyber security is still of great concern:

For the past seven years, organizations developing their IT environments have consistently prioritized cyber security. In the most recent survey, 68% of participants said that cyber security was their top worry, up from 62% the year before. Although this is the case, 27% of respondents do not intend to use any of the assessed cyber security solutions, indicating a possible security hole.

  • Power10 server adoption:

IBM Power E1080 scale-up servers, introduced in September 2021 and using the Power10 processor, are beginning to be adopted by businesses. According to the survey, 16% of participants have already upgraded to Power10 or are in the process of doing so, while another 74% are considering it very seriously. The real advantages of the new hardware in terms of security, virtualization, and high availability are what’s driving this transition. Older hardware, such as Power8 and earlier, is being phased out over time.

  • Continuity of IBM:

According to the poll, because of IBM i’s reputation for dependability and stability, many organizations use it as their main business solution. More than half of respondents (70%) utilize IBM to execute their essential business applications. Only 4% of respondents said they planned to transition all of their apps away from IBM within the next two years, underscoring the platform’s enduring popularity.

  • Remote operations security:

Organizations now need to support distant activities, which creates additional difficulties, especially in terms of security. In the survey, support for employees working from home is highlighted at 36%, and security concerns with remote access at 51%. To better support remote operations, organizations are putting into place measures like tiered protection around VPN access, automating manual tasks, and utilizing IBM Access Client Solutions.

  • A widely used language is RPG:

With 93% of respondents using it, RPG is still the most popular language for new development on IBM i. The use of several languages, such as SQL, CLP, and open languages, is a trend as well. This can be linked to contemporary RPG being simpler to learn and use because it acts and looks like other languages. The popularity of RPG aids in closing the IBM skills gap.

In light of organizations’ increased emphasis on cyber security and the use of IBM Power E1080 servers with Power10 CPUs, the survey’s findings emphasize the importance of AS400 modernization.

Organizations seek knowledge and experience from suppliers like Nalahsaa Solutions to achieve successful AS400 modernization programs because they understand the value of working with a reputable brand. The confidence in IBM I (AS400) as a dependable platform further emphasizes the necessity of modernization to handle the difficulties of remote operations. Multiple languages are used and Rational Developer for I (RDi) is being adopted more frequently to show how adaptable modernization projects can be.