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The Benefits of Hiring RPG Developers for AS400 Application Development

The AS400 platform from IBM has a very lengthy life cycle and devoted users. Three decades after its launch, the AS400 platform is still the foundation for many critical enterprise applications used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. This is mostly due to its fundamental advantages, which include enhanced security, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. As a result, AS400 is still essential for businesses that need a secure and dependable execution environment.

However, companies that host applications on the AS400 platform have difficulty keeping up with market demands. Due to this, it is difficult for businesses to remain competitive in the age of digital change. Modernizing AS400 apps using RPG, the native programming language, is a practical means of resolving problems. By integrating third-party tools, servers, and other resources, modernization allows businesses to build a more reliable infrastructure. The correct service providers can help businesses engage RPG developers for the best performance and cost-effectiveness.

RPG Developers

RPG (Report Programming Generator) is a special programming language that was created by the IBM community specifically for creating enterprise applications on IBM’s power systems. RPG IV is the most recent iteration of this language. Application development, modernization, maintenance, and upgrade specialists include RPG developers. These professionals are very knowledgeable about the nuances of the AS400 ecosystem and maximize its performance to guarantee efficiency and smooth operations.

Why Work with RPG Developers?


Businesses that design corporate apps using RPG programs must integrate those apps with cutting-edge technology. Otherwise, it will be challenging to fulfill the needs and goals of the firm. For typical in-house IT developers, integrating the RPG programs with contemporary tools and technology might be extremely challenging. Since RPG code documentation might take a long time. Employing RPG developers can help businesses resolve this problem. They may assist businesses in updating their RPG-based corporate programs without the need for time-consuming migration procedures by using contemporary code editor tools. Businesses can enhance business continuity and make the application more responsive to market demands in this way.

RPG developers utilize the following list of contemporary code editors:

RDi (Rational Developer for IBM i) IBM Rational Developer The main tool employed by RPG developers is i. It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) built-in for developing, maintaining, and updating IBM AS400 applications. It has development tools like edit, search, and code debugging as well. Since RDi is built on the Eclipse framework, it facilitates quicker and simpler application development.

Orion: This is a contemporary, browser-based code editor that supports COBOL and RPG automatic syntax highlighting. When the source code is changed, Orion also enables RPG developers to immediately update their apps.

Notepad++:-  The multi-tab virtual workspace Notepad++ editor does not provide RPG programmers with a variety of user-friendly plugins to increase the functionality of their apps.

RPG Developers: Why You Should Hire Them:

  1. Improvement of AS400 Performance:

The performance of an organization’s AS400 infrastructure can be optimized by specialists from the best RPG development services provider, ensuring that the application housed on it runs efficiently. They can also identify and fix existing queries, server locks, and other performance issues that affect AS400.

Lessening application latency and improving user experience overall are two benefits of AS400 performance optimization. RPG developers use optimization strategies including fine-tuning CPU, memory, and I/O consumption as well as creating statistics and indexes to enhance the efficiency of app queries.

  1. Application to Business Systems:

The integration of AS400-powered applications with other corporate systems is still a difficult issue for businesses. RPG programmers may assist businesses with the integration of their applications with other systems by designing and implementing unique APIs, connectors, and ETL procedures. Organizations can create a centralized ecosystem by integrating their application with external systems like CRM or ERP. Overall, data silos can be eliminated, data accuracy and stability can be improved, and business processes can be modernized with the aid of integration with enterprise systems.

  1. Compliance & Security:

For businesses, compliance and security are major considerations. RPG developers can assist businesses in making sure their application is secure and compliant. Encryption, access restrictions, and other security measures can be put in place by RPG developers to guarantee that the enterprise application complies with relevant laws like PCI DSS, HIPAA, or GDPR.

For instance, an RPG developer can assist with the installation of vulnerability management rules, pseudonymization, and other PCI DSS standards when an application is subject to the standard. To identify and address application vulnerabilities, they can also carry out security audits, monitoring, and penetration tests.

  1. Excellent Availability:

RPG programmers may aid businesses in creating original RPG IV apps and adding new functionalities to match changing market expectations. When businesses have unique business needs that older green-screen apps couldn’t satisfy, this can be especially helpful. RPG programmers can assist in setting up virtual failover clustering tools and enhancing business continuity when a company needs continuous application availability. In the event of any unanticipated problems, they can also put disaster recovery strategies into practice to restore application data.

  1. Scalability

An enterprise’s application may need to scale up as it expands to handle escalating workloads or demands. By adding more resources, such as memory or CPU, and distributing user queries or data across different servers, RPG developers can aid in expanding AS400 applications. Additionally, they can assist in developing and putting into practice plans for data sharing across numerous servers based on predetermined criteria, such as client segments and location.

As a Summary:

It is commonly recognized that AS400 is one of the best IBM servers for running enterprise programs, offering superior performance and security. Enterprises may create, modernize programs and gain a competitive edge by hiring seasoned RPG coders from the proper service providers