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What Should Companies Choose Between Managed Services and IT Staff Augmentation?

Fully managed IT services and staff augmentation are two options for outsourced IT support when your company needs help with its technology.

The key distinction between managed services and staff growth is that managed services also include the administration of such resources, whereas staff augmentation only adds more resources to an organization.

Managed services may be a wise decision for businesses looking to outsource the management of their new hires. Companies that don’t have the time or resources to manage their new workforce internally may find this to be helpful.

It’s crucial to take your needs and goals into account when deciding whether managed services or staff augmentation is appropriate for your company. The greatest option, for instance, would be IT staff augmentation if you needed additional workers to complete specific tasks or projects. However, if you need someone to oversee your new personnel, managed services may be a better choice.

Below show the major differences between staff augmentation and managed services: 


  • Best for 
Staff Augmentation:

Projects that require extra support for a   short period of time and lower cost

Managed Services:

Outsourcing entire projects for the long term with cost savings over a period of time.

  • Contribution:
Staff Augmentation

The service provider provides defined    resources at a price


Managed Services

The service provider assumes control of all or part of your IT service component.

  • Pricing:
Staff Augmentation

Pricing depends on the availability and hours worked

Managed Services

Pricing depends on service levels and   outcome

  • Processes:
Staff Augmentation

Committed to giving an input

Managed Services

Committed to delivering an outcome.

  • Risk/Management 
Staff Augmentation


Managed Services

Service Provider

IT Staff Augmentation 

The greatest option for your needs, if you manage a small to medium business, would be staff augmentation. This is due to the fact that you are not required to invest in operating costs. Additionally, you might lower your infrastructure expenditures since the majority of augmented professionals operate from homes or tiny offices. Additionally, you might add or subtract individuals in accordance with your demands, guaranteeing that your long-term team members are always paid even during times when business is slow.

Controlled Services

If all you want to do is start a business, managed services are perfect. Managed services may handle all aspects of running your company if you lack domain expertise, lack knowledge of the specific market, lack knowledge of delivery methodologies or staffing, and more. You may put an end to micromanaging your resources and focus on what matters most to your business.

A Conclusion:

Are you still uncertain about whether managed services or staff augmentation is the best outsourcing option for your company?

The market’s two most popular software development outsourcing options right now are managed IT services and staff augmentation. Each offers benefits, drawbacks, and hazards. If you want more authority and control and have the resources to manage a development team, staff augmentation is unquestionably the best option. Otherwise, if you want to delegate all of the work to a development company, managed services are your best choice.

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