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Student Training

If you are wondering how your career will shape up in the current circumstances, let us give you the bitter facts. The IT industry is facing a huge challenge and jobs are few and far to come by. A fresh candidate like you stands no chance to make the cut. Because there are lakhs of young people like you who are graduates and are looking to build a sustainable career. This may sound bitter but it is the truth.
Except if you are extraordinary. Exceptional times demand extraordinary people. And believe it or not, industry is actually looking for such talent. What will make you stand out? A strong technical acumen? That is just the beginning. And there are hundreds of institutes out there who can promise you that. Almost everyone amongst your peers would gain technical skills. How do you differentiate and tell the world that you are special?
That’s where we come in. Our well structured Training Program does not just make you a enhance your skills, it takes you far beyond your fresh peers. Apart from technical and soft skills, you are endowed with Industry Knowledge which only people with 2+ years of experience would typically posses. In addition or course on Automation and BVA finding will equip you with the skill to spot automation and value adds within your scope of work when you join the industry. Employees with this skill are like a dream for any IT Company, especially during these tough times.

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