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The coming years would be tough for your students to navigate as opportunities would be hard to build a sustainable career in the industry. While you may be providing them world class engineering education, the post Covid Job Market needs much more than that. A number of technical training institutes can help them with raw technical and programming skills. But even that also is not going to help and your students will end up among the lakhs who have basic technical skills.
As an esteemed organization, your brand value would be built on the kind of careers your students are able to make for themselves. And that will depend on skills which make them stand out of the crowd. What they need is a complete package of technology, soft skills and IT industry knowledge which is not provided by any training institute, except GoLive. Our team has been in the business of training and placing professionals for the past 10 years with a 100% record. Our students are working with the biggest brands in the IT industry and are delivering exceptional value to their organizations.
You can partner with us to leverage our program for your students and differentiate them from the crowd. We can deliver this Program to your final year students at your premises.

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