Selenium Automation Training

Selenium Automation Training

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Selenium Certification is fast becoming the mandatory requirement for any Software Tester. Automation Testing means using an automation tool to execute your test case suite. On the contrary, Manual Testing is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully executing the test steps. Selenium Training Course is curated by Industry Experts

Why Automation Testing:

  • Automation Testing ensures defect free product/app because it can test app features which humans can’t efficiently and exhaustively test.
  • Companies spend huge amounts of money to ensure that their product is defect free before launch.
  • This expenditure by companies directly or indirectly leads to a lot of Job creation.
  • Market of Automation testing never goes down and it will never go down because as long as there are new apps being built or amendments will happen in existing apps; need for an automation tester will always remain.
  • Industry needs to have skilled automation testers is growing at  a very rapid speed.
  • So it is a good career option to pursue and we here at VITtech are the best in the industry to give you full fledge exposure and skill set necessary for you to crack the interview as well as survive in the new job role.


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Why should you take this course

A good way to enhance your skills which will help in career growth
Used by Million Professionals for Personal and company Growth
Increase in Average Salary of professionals

Instructor-led Selenium Automation Training live online classes

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Selenium Automation Training Course Curriculum


HTML Basics

  • HTML Tags and attributes
  • How to inspect elements
  • Document Object Model

Testing Basics

  • Automation Testing Concepts
  • Manual Testing Concept
  • Test Automation Types (Unit Testing, API Testing, GUI Testing)
  • Test Automation Frameworks

Selenium Basics

  • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
  • What is Selenium WebDriver
  • ChromeDriver and FireFox Driver
  • Selenium Library and built-in Methods
  • Browser Navigation
  • Element Finding and perform Operations
  • Find Element and Find Elements

Selenium Locators Strategy

  • Different types of locators.
  • Choosing between locators.
  • Locating Web elements using various Locators ID, Name, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, CSS Selector, and XPath)
  • Locator strategy-Xpaths
  • Xpath axes and functions
  • Dynamic Xpaths
  • Absolute and Relative XPath

Complex Selenium Operations

  • Alert Handling
  • Mouse & keyboard activities,
  • Frame handling
  • Drop Down selections
  • Handling Multiple Windows and Multiple Tabs using Selenium WebDriver
  • Verifying Tooltip using Selenium WebDriver
  • Scrolling on a web page using JavaScriptExecutor

Continuous Integration Tools

  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery
  • Jenkins Basics
  • Jenkins Installation and Configurations
  • Jenkins Environment Set Up
  • Execute Tests Using Jenkins
  • Scheduled Builds or Polling Github

Cross Browser Automation

  • Multiple Browser Invocation techniques
  • Cross Browser implementation using maven
  • Cross Browser implementation using Configuration file
  • Handling Chrome Browser
  • Handling Firefox Browser
  • Handling Headless Browser

Locators Strategy In Framework

  • Page Object Model Using “By” class
  • Page Object Model using Selenium Page Factory

Handling Keyboard and Mouse Interactions

  • Using Actions Class
  • Using Robot Class
  • Testing Drag and Drop
  • Mouse Hover functionality using Actions Class
  • Double Click Operations using Actions Class

Screenshot Capturing techniques

  • Take Screenshot using Selenium
  • How to store the Screenshots
  • How to Embed Screenshot in Reports

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Grid Architecture
  • Deploy a Grid
  • Run Test cases on Selenium Grid concurrently

Synchronization In Selenium

  • Synchronization basics
  • Types of Waits in Selenium
  • Fluent Wait
  • Implicit wait
  • WebDriver Wait

Automation Framework development using Cucumber

  • Agile Testing
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Advantages and Limitations of BDD
  • Cucumber Fundamentals
  • Advantages of Cucumber
  • Gherkin Syntax in Cucumber
  • Step Definition for Cucumber Feature File
  • Dependency Injection using Picocontainer library
  • @Before and @After annotation usages
  • Execute features file parallely using Maven Sure Fire and Maven File Safe plugin.
  • Implementing BDD Framework using Cucumber

Selenium Automation Training Course Description

About  Course

This Selenium Certification Training course is designed by Industry expert which helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as WebDriver, Selenium Basics, complex Selenium concepts, Automation Framework. This Selenium Training features real-world examples to train you to use Selenium WebDriver effectively. After This Course you will be able to get placed as Automation Tester.


Course Objective
a) Master the concept of Selenium Automation Tool
b) Improve & Automate Test Practices
c) Define Test Strategies & Test manuals for tracking & Fixing software issues
d) Expertise in Framework Designing and Development


Training Feature
Instructor Led Session
Industry Expert Instructor
Real Life case Studies
Life time Access
Expert Support Team


Who should go for this course?
CRM Professionals
Career ladder change from Non to IT Industry
Cross skilled yourself as per market industry era
Change the job profile from BPO/Technical Support/core Industry to Software Profession
To withdraw better pay hike/Monitory Growth/Job Satisfaction
To Get rid of Rotational shifts/Night shifts


What are the pre-requisites for this course?
Any one who wants to learn Selenium from basics can do this course. No as such any prior knowledge required however basic knowledge of Programming language Java will be a added advantage.


4. Reviews
a) This course was really great the one who explain was hard to understood but in general looks good

b) Thank you very much for this opportunity that you guys give us I learn a lot form this course

c) Course meets the expectations according to content.

d) it was a good tutorial



1. What if I miss a class?
If you miss a class you can opt for below two options.
• As soon as class is over we upload recorded session to your dedicated LMS. You can View the of the class available in your LMS.
• You can also attend same session in different batch if you wish.
2. Will I get Placement Assistance?
We have a dedicated Team for resume building and fetching Requirement from the market. This Team will help you in creating your profile and continuously send requirements there in the market.

3. Can I attend a Demo session before enrolment?
There will be 1 Demo session before Start of any batch as we have limited seats in batch so no demo sessions without enrolment after batch starts.

4. About Instructor
All Instructor are from Industry having at least 8-15 years of experience in relevant Technology. So all the concept delivered by Instructor will be explained relating to real time experience.

5. How to Ask queries?
Mostly you will get all relevant queries answered during live session only but if you queries remains unresolved or during practice if you come across any queries drop mail to Also we can get Answer or our queries from Dedicated discussion forum.

6. Why Learn Selenium online?

Although Traditional classroom-based training has proven to be successful, at the same time online learning learners have flexibility as far as schedule as concern. Can access study material anytime from anywhere. Learning does never stop. Lots of time saved and connect to best available Instructor available. Advancements in Technology have made it possible to enhance efficiency while you learn.

7. What is duration of course?
Duration of Selenium Course Training is 8 Weeks however after completion of course you will have access of Training Material in our LMS.

Selenium Automation Training

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