Data Science Certification Training

Data Science Certification Training

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Data Science Certification is fast becoming the hot requirement of Industries these days. Data Science is the process where machine learns from the data and built its prediction. It means Data Science derive meanings from all its available data which help to make predictions. As the data increasing every day we need automated machines to help in future predictions. Things Like Tagging objects or people inside photo, Next video to watch, face and voice recognition these are all part of machine learning. These Powerful capabilities can be applied to wide range of fields like retail, Medical, Transportation, Ecommerce, Entertainment and many more.


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Instructor-led Data Science Certification Training live online classes

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July 10 th


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Aug 07 th


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Data Science Certification Training Course Curriculum


Introduction to Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • What does Data Science involve?
  • Era of Data Science
  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science
  • Life cycle of Data Science
  • Tools of Data Science

Python Programming

  • First Python Program
  • Variables and Data Types
  • More on Data Types
  • Working with Arrays
  • Control Flow using if-else and switch statements
  • Working with Strings
  • While Loops
  • For Loops
  • Nested For Loops and Debugger
  • Functions
  • File Handling

Libraries and Modules

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • Statsmodel

Statistics Foundation

  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Probability Distribution Function
  • Random Processes
  • Inferential Statistics

Data Visualization

  • Data Connection and Visualization in Tableau
  • Calculation in Tableau
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Sharing Insights through Dashboard

Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

  • Introducing statistical inference
  • Estimators and confidence intervals
  • Central Limit theorem
  • Parametric and non-parametric statistical tests
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Case study

Predictive Modelling

  • Correlation and Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Segmentation for marketing analytics
  • Time series forecasting
  • Decision Trees

Industry Like Project

  • Industry Like Project

Data Science Certification Training Course Description

About Course

Data Science is fastest growing technology and its buzz of todays world. This course is designed by experienced professional to help you be expert in Data Science. This course will give you exposure of how Data Science and Data Analytics is done to create a model in the industry. This course will cover Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Python Fundamental, Data Manipulation, Data Visualization.

After completion of this course you will be able to switch or start your career as Data Analytics, Data Scientist Engineer.


Course Objective

  • How to Extract Data
  • How to Filter data
  • Writing Programs in Python
  • How to Make use of data for future Predictions
  • Best visualizations of data


Who should go for this course?
The course is designed for all those professionals who want to learn Big data Hadoop and to deal with huge Dataset.
• Software Developers
• Project Managers
• Software Architects
• Start ups
• Data Analysts & Business Intelligence Professionals
• DBAs and DB professionals
• Testing professionals
• IBM Mainframe/ IBM midrange professionals
• Graduates looking to build a career in Data Science


Training Feature
• Instructor Led Session
• Industry Expert Instructor
• Assignments
• Real Life case Studies
• Life time Access
• Expert Support Team
• Certification


What are the pre-requisites for this course?
Data Science course requires an understanding of basic statistics and mathematics. Basics of Programming Language will be additional benefits.


4. Reviews
a) This course was really great the one who explain was hard to understood but in general looks good

b) Thank you very much for this opportunity that you guys give us I learn a lot form this course

c) Course meets the expectations according to content.

d) it was a good tutorial



1. What if I miss a class?
If you miss a class you can opt for below two options.
• As soon as class is over, we upload recorded session to your dedicated LMS. You can View the of the class available in your LMS.
• You can also attend same session in different batch if you wish.
2. Will I get Placement Assistance?
We have a dedicated Team for resume building and fetching Requirement from the market. This Team will help you in creating your profile and continuously send requirements there in the market.

3. Can I attend a Demo session before enrolment?
There will be 1 Demo session before Start of any batch as we have limited seats in batch so no demo sessions without enrolment after batch starts.

4. About Instructor
All Instructor are from Industry having at least 8-15 years of experience in relevant Technology. So all the concept delivered by Instructor will be explained relating to real time experience.

5. How to Ask queries?
Mostly you will get all relevant queries answered during live session only but if you queries remains unresolved or during practice if you come across any queries drop mail to Also we can get Answer or our queries from Dedicated discussion forum.

6. What is duration of course?
Duration of Machine Learning  Training is 16 Weeks Weeks however after completion of course you will have access of Training Material in our LMS.

7. Why Learn Machine Learning online?

Although Traditional classroom-based training has proven to be successful, at the same time online learning learners have flexibility as far as schedule as concern. Can access study material anytime from anywhere. Learning does never stop. Lots of time saved and connect to best available Instructor available. Advancements in Technology have made it possible to enhance efficiency while you learn.

Data Science Certification Training

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