Importance of Skill Post Covid

05 Oct 2022

Importance of Skill Post Covid

The world economy, as we know it has fundamentally changed post the covid pandemic. The impact on the Indian IT Industry is facing the burnt of this slowdown as clients are streamlining their spend to prepare for the tough times ahead. A direct impact of this is being seen in the reduction of job opportunities in this sector which was otherwise, the major employer for technical talent in the country. Thus lakhs of fresh graduates are now staring at bleak prospects with respect to their career.

It is not that IT Companies do not need talent. However, they need people who not only have a strong technical acumen but also extraordinary analytical and creative skills to lead them out of the downturn. Who can not only get the job done but find better and more cost effective ways to do so. Who can spot opportunities in their workplace which can be leveraged to get back the much needed growth. And such talent is hard to find among the countless graduates who come out of our engineering colleges.


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