The best 6 software courses for fresher in India

01 Jul 2022

The best 6 software courses for fresher in India

The best 6 Software Courses in India for an IT/CS Fresher

best software courses in India for IT/CS freshers -

India’s IT sector is projected to reach USD 100 Billion by the year 2025 which opens the doors to immense job opportunities for IT freshers.

The ever-evolving IT sector needs professionals to advance their learning and meet the market demand.

While your graduation or diploma course prepares you with basic IT knowledge, you still need professional software courses to stay ahead of your competition.

Let’s talk more about why you should take up a software course even before you start your career.

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Why an IT fresher should learn software courses?

With 2.15 lakhs computer graduates each year in India, the competition is ruthless out there.  Hence, an in-demand software course not only helps to get your first job but can support you to progress in your career.

Here are more salient reasons to consider:

  1. Software development companies look for employees who already have sound knowledge and skills for the job.
  2. You gain practical learning experience with live projects and examples in the software courses.
  3. Companies prefer skilled freshers as they are job-ready and employers save a lot of time in training freshers.

Hope you now understand how a software course can make a huge difference in your career.

Let’ check the in-demand 6 software courses to kick-start your career as an aspiring IT fresher. As a bonus, we will also highlight the earning potential after taking up professional software courses.

List of the best Software Courses for IT freshers

1. Machine Learning

Do you know what technology is behind the self-driving cars, speech or face recognition, accurate search by search engines, etc.?

 Yes, It’s Machine learning!

Machine learning is a technique with which a system learns from the data, built its prediction, and takes actions accordingly.

Industries such as Healthcare, Retail, financial services, etc. need machine intervention to handle and process the enormous data.

Best Machine learning course -

A Machine learning course will give you exposure to Data Science and Data Analytics and covers vast topics such as data cleaning, Python fundamentals, data manipulation, and data visualization.

This 16 weeks duration is a concise and systematic one, designed keeping in mind the understanding level of an IT fresher.

As a Machine learning engineer, you can earn between INR 7 Lacs to 21 Lacs per year.

2. Data science

According to IBM, data science jobs are likely to grow by 30% and that’s why the data science course is in demand.

Experts believe that the data is the new oil, and data science, as a field of study makes the data useful for business decisions.

Data science training -

So, what does a data scientist do?

Data science needs expertise, programming skills, knowledge of mathematics, statistics to derive meaningful value from raw data. As a data scientist or data analyst, you use machine learning algorithms and derive insights for business purposes.

Excited to be a data scientist? Check out this data science course and join the upcoming batch without wasting time anymore!

The salary range for a Data scientist is somewhere between 10Lac-24 Lac per year.

3. Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium testing has become the most popular web testing tool and has shown 300% growth in job postings.

So, if you are interested in a software testing career, then a selenium automation testing course can put you above other job candidates.

Selenium is a free and open-source automated testing framework widely used to check web applications on multiple browsers. This framework supports scripts in different programming languages such as Java, C#, phyton, etc.

Software Testing Jobs -

Every software company spends a lot of money on software testing. But selenium testing is easy to use, simple and saves a huge cost as it has no upfront fees to use this tool.

In the selenium automation testing course, you learn concepts of WebDrivers, Selenium basics, Complex selenium concepts, and automation framework.

A selenium automation tester earns between INR 5 Lacs to INR 8 Lacs per year.

4. Java

Java continues to be the most popular programming language in 2021 and in fact, the Java programmers are among the highest-paid programmers in India.

Java is one of the most used programming languages as it is versatile, user-friendly, and offers rich APIs for I/O, XML, networking, database connections, etc.

Also, knowledge of the Java language is often tested in a job interview hence, the sound knowledge of Java can help you get a job as a fresher.

In the Java course, you learn in-depth concepts of data types, conditional statements and loops, multi-threading and exception handling, and using hibernate framework.

Interested to learn Java? Enroll in this 8-week Java class to master this programming language.

A java programmer earns between 5 Lac-11 lac per year and with experience the earning potential is limitless.

5. Salesforce development

If you never heard of salesforce, let me give you a brief background here:

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship software (CRM) that helps companies to manage different business processes such as sales, marketing, e-commerce, service, etc., on a single platform.

This CRM has more than 19% of the market share and it’s predicted to create 3.3 million new jobs worldwide.

A salesforce developer understands the company’s processes, develop CRM workflow and design custom solutions as per business challenges.

A well-structured Salesforce development course teaches advanced tools like lightning, concepts of Salesforce app builder, admin, etc., and prepare you for the job with mocks tests.

Check out more on this salesforce development course and enroll in the upcoming batch.

The salesforce developer salary is between INR 5 Lacs- 11 lacs per year.

6. Full-stack development

A full-stack developer is like a ninja who takes care of multiple roles in a projects.

The developers are skilled with in-depth technical knowledge of key aspects of development such as Frontend, backend, system design, database, operating system etc.

For a beginner sull-stack developer, the best advice is to start with specialization either in frontend or backend. And, you can expand your knowledge with time.

The Top IT Companies highly value full-stack developer who are specialists and startups on the other hand, prefer developers who can  manage cross-functions.

As a full-stack developer you get good exposure of working on several technologies and languages which helps to build a better career growth.

Check out beginners-friendly Full-stack course and join the upcoming batch.

A full-stack developers earns between INR 6lacs -INR 13 lacs per year.

The Conclusion

Hope this article has given you much clarity on the in-demand software courses for freshers. All the courses mentioned above are self-paced, make you job-ready, and help you to make a switch in your career.

While selecting the course, keep in mind the career path you want to build for yourself. 

Have any questions? Leave your query here and let our team help you!


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