How to get your First Job in Software Testing?

01 Jul 2022

How to get your First Job in Software Testing?

How to get your First Job in Software Testing?

How to get job in software testing -

The first job is a significant milestone, and it becomes even more special when you bag your dream job.

With the rapid adoption of technology, Software testing jobs in our country are soaring, like never before!

Having said that, the competition in this rewarding career is also very high. So, if you are an aspiring software tester, you need to be well-prepared to crack that interview for your first job.

jobs in software testing -

To start a software testing career, you must have the right skills, apply for the right job, and finally present yourself well in an interview.

So, keep reading this article as we bring all the valuable insights that every fresher software tester should know.

1. Network with Right People

Networking can make a huge difference in your software testing career.

Let us explain how:

Networking with the right people can help you get your first job with references.

Suppose you have applied in an organization and you are connected with an existing employee/manager on LinkedIn. Then a positive recommendation by a reference can add a trust factor in your candidature over others.

So, to begin, create your account on LinkedIn and update your profile with your educational background, internship details, job preferences, certifications, etc.

  1. Start following the right hashtags such as #jobsforfreshers#jobs etc, for recent job posts.
  2. Follow companies you want to work with and connect with Product managers, QA managers, Test leads, and test managers.
  3. Check the posts on the company’s LinkedIn page and interact with these posts.
  4. Also, you should keep a tap on the new hiring trends and Software testing jobs in these companies.

You can also share your industry-related news and write posts to get noticed by the right people.

2. Get Professional Certifications

The majority of the companies need a software tester who knows automation testing. To meet the eligibility criteria, and make a good impact in your interview, you need a sound knowledge of software automation testing.

professional courses -

Thus, to get a software testing job with/without experience, you must upgrade your knowledge, as per the market demands.

For example, certifications courses like Selenium Automation Testing, Python -basics and advance, and Core Java language can help you outshine as a potential Software tester, and beat your competition.

3. Write a perfect resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter are your first interaction with the interviewer. Surely, you have to make it IMPRESSIVE!

A resume is a document to share your qualifications, past work experiences, skills, and accomplishments with the interviewer.

If you do not have any work experience yet, then you must mention your internships (we will talk about it in the coming point) or other experiences. Here is a sample good resume for a software testing job for you to check out.

A cover letter is sent along with the resume for a brief introduction. Here you must mention important skills and experiences that make you the right candidate for the Software testing job.  Remember, a good cover letter should be a quick read, crisp and impactful to get you the invite of the interview.

4. Join Job Portals

Now that you have your resume and cover letter ready, let’s move on and talk about the right place to find the jobs.

(a). Indeed

Indeed is a leading online job portal to find qualified and authentic Software testing jobs for freshers. Simply create an account on Indeed and update your details to find suitable jobs. 

You can also create jobs alerts on this portal and the system will send you an email with relevant jobs to apply for.


You must have heard of

It’s India’s biggest job portal and currently has 9000+ software testing jobs available on it.

Software Testing Jobs -

If you haven’t already, then go ahead, register your account on Naukri and start applying for jobs.

(c). LinkedIn jobs

One of the biggest mistakes a job candidate commits is that he/she runs after the most popular portal for jobs, and doesn’t explore the other options.

As a professional software tester, you have to be visible on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, as we shared before, is the biggest platform for networking and also for finding the right jobs. You can find thousands of eligible jobs and apply with a click of a button with the Easy Apply option.

(d). Job consultancy

Companies hire job consultancies to find the right candidates and fulfill their hiring needs.

Now, the biggest challenge for freshers is to find a genuine Job consultancy among the frauds in the market. Here is how you can find the right job consultancy:

A genuine consultancy will not charge anything from a candidate as companies pay them to find the right resource. Therefore, if any consultancy is seeking money in the name of registration fees, charges, etc., it is fake and you must walk away from them.

Here is one of the best Job consultancy based out of Pune. You can register with them and find a Software testing job without hassle.

5. Look for Internship Programs

Internships are a good way to get practical exposure in Software testing. The eligibility criteria in an internship are quite simple and you learn a lot from your team members during this time.

In addition to the platforms we mentioned above, you can also find internships on

Just a heads up: always look for an internship that adds value to your career. Most importantly, it should pay a stipend at the end, and not just a certificate. Simply because you will be investing your 2-3 months and it should be worth it.

6. Take up mock Interview Questions

You cleared the eligibility criteria and now got the chance for an interview. Cracking this interview is so important as it can bring you closer to your first job.

To get through it, you must prepare yourself with common interview questions, both technical and non-technical.

Thus, mock interviews can help you prepare for the type of questions an interviewer potentially asks. Check out these most common Software Testing Interview questions along with the right answers. (Comment below if you liked it!)

Key takeaway

Hope you can now find Software testing jobs even as a fresher!

Make sure you follow all the tips we shared and prepare well for your interview.

One last word we would like to share– be confident and communicate your answers in simple and effective words, and nothing can stop you from getting your first Job!



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