Cucumber Reporting-New Cucumber FW Feature on Reporting Introduced

04 Oct 2022

Cucumber Reporting-New Cucumber FW Feature on Reporting Introduced

Cucumber has launched its own HTML based cucumber report. It is currently available in version 6.5.1 and above.

This is a much needed and awaited feature. Prior to this testers had to rely on external reporting libraries because the default cucumber HTML reports is quite basic and not useful for standard enterprise project.

One of the many HTML reporting tools is extent report. There are others as well but extent report is a quite standard tool for reporting. It even had its own dedicated cucumber adapter which really make things very simple to implement. Here is a sample link for a cucumber Framework with extent report implementation.

VitTech Cucumber with Extent FW Git Repo

Having said that, no matter how good an external library is, it is still an external dependency and does not come with hassles. With a tool as good as cucumber, they ought to provide their own reporting. And finally they have heard the demand. (by they I mean some one across the user community, because cucumber is an open source tool).

However, it is still in beta, but I have given it a try and it looks great. May be in subsequent versions, they will make it production ready.

Please check the below repo url for it demo implementation.

Cucumber new Reporting Feature Git Repo

All you have to do is to enable a tag in the cucumber options i.e. publish=true. The report will be published on a centralised cucumber server. For now report is only saved for a day but with the new versions, we would have more controls on where and for how long to keep these reports.

Waiting anxiously till then!!

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