Career in Software Testing – Skills, Salary, Jobs

01 Jul 2022

Career in Software Testing – Skills, Salary, Jobs

Career in Software Testing – Skills, Salary, Jobs

Career in Software Testing

The career opportunities in the IT industry, especially one in software testing, are on BOOM. The Latest report by NASSCOM shows that the Indian software testing market has the potential to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% from USD 6.2 billion in 2019 to USD 8.2 billion by 2022.

If you are excited to build your career path in software testing, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will share everything you need to know to build a promising career in software testing. So, let’s get straight to it.

What is Software Testing?

A Software tester creates and executes test cases to check that the developed features of the software run smoothly, are defects free, and meets the user’s expectations.

In other words, the software tester is responsible to:

  1. Run all levels of testing such as system, integration, regression, etc
  2. Detect and track software defects (all called bugs)
  3. Collaborate with product team for resolving the detects and improve user experience
  4. Design automation scripts

Software testing is performed in two different ways:

• Manual Testing​

In this, the software tester develops test cases and tests them manually. But manual testing is outdated and the recent trends show that automation testing is high in demand nowadays.

• Automated Testing

Automated testing is used in large software testing projects as it saves time and gives accurate results in finding the defects(bugs). In this type, frameworks like Selenium WebDriver are used to test different scenarios at each stage of the software development. 

You can learn Selenium Automation Course to develop expertise in this framework, designing, developing, and master the concepts of Selenium Automation tools.

How to start a career in Software Testing?

Career in software testing-

In this section, let’s understand the required educational qualifications, skills, and knowledge to step up your career in software testing.

Education background

For software testing, you need to have Bachelor’s degree in computer science/Computer engineering or the Information Technology field. 

If you do not have either of them, then your prior work experience in IT Industry or related roles can help you grab career opportunities in software testing.

In addition to this, you must learn the Software testing cycle Life cycle to develop the basics understanding of the software testing process.

• Technical knowledge

The most common questions for software testing interviews are related to the technical knowledge of the candidates. 

So, you must be prepared with the following technical skills and knowledge to crack your interviews.

• Programming languages

Every software tester must know programming and scripting language. You can learn High in-demand programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#. Python and Java are the most preferred languages for test automation.  Recent trends show that developers prefer the Python language as it has large codes libraries and doesn’t require the writing of new codes all the time. So, to test the codes and run the script successfully, a software tester must know this language.

Here is our recommended Top-selling Python course, which is designed by industry experts and trusted by IT professionals.

• Operating System

Testing activities such as performance testing, installation testing require knowledge of the operating system. Here is a quick summary of different operating systems:

Windows, Linux, Mac

iOS, Android

Tizen and Android wearable OS

Knowledge of Linux or other Operating systems can give you an additional edge over other software testing candidates in an interview.


• Database

Databases such as MySQL and oracles are essential for software development as it stores crucial customer data and information. For database testing, software testers need to run SQL queries to check and ensure that the correct information is getting stored in the database. 

Therefore, you must learn the basics of a database query for your career in database testing.

• Automation solutions

In companies with vast development teams, a software tester needs to report, track and close the defects through automation tools. 

Hence, knowledge of tools like BugheadJira can smoothen the tracking and reporting process for different team members such as managers, product heads, developers, and testers as well.

In recent times, top IT companies prefer software testers who have specialized knowledge of Selenium automation testing

Non- technical Skills

• Communication skills

Communication skills are of utmost importance in this career. A software tester has to communicate the issues and coordinate with different team members to get the defects resolved.  In addition, a tester also has to prepare documents and discuss the issues with the team. Hence, she or he should learn to present and speak clearly with confidence.

• Time management skills

IT projects have tight deadlines and need a fast-paced working environment. Time management skills are essential for a software tester to be more productive and deliver work on time. Therefore, a software tester is expected to effectively manage tasks, set priorities, and complete testing with more accuracy in a stipulated timeframe.

• Analytical skills

A software tester has to understand developers’ long and complex codes so that he or she can create test cases and find errors.

Hence, as a software tester, you need to be analytical to understand the complexities of codes, pinpoint accurate issues and logically explain the errors to the respective team members.

The Bottom Line

In addition to these skills, IT professionals need to be abreast with the market demand and must upgrade their skills from time to time with certifications.

To stay relevant amidst the rising competition, Check out these professional certifications and increase your chances of working with Top IT companies and grow in your software testing career!


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