Best Software Training Institute in Pune with Placement assistance!

04 Oct 2022

Best Software Training Institute in Pune with Placement assistance!

Best Software Training Institute in Pune with Placement assistance!

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The unclear future puzzles the freshers whether or not investing in software courses is the right decision. Moreover, the sinking job market, high unemployment rate create a fear that putting money further in learning will not yield higher ROI in the future.

Here is the reality check for you:

The new normal demands businesses to go digital. Think hard as to how it can be made possible?

You guessed it right!

They need software to solve their major business problems like invoice tracking, online sales, tracking inventory, data analysis, and much more.

And, IT companies need software professionals like you, to build more such products.

So, you need to learn Software courses, especially at the Best software training institute that assists you to find a suitable job after the course ends.

In this piece, we will talk about the best software training institute in India and why you must consider joining one.

What Software Course a fresher should learn?

In continuation to what we shared above, an IT fresher need to update his/her knowledge and skills to excel in respective career.

 Here are in-demand software courses that an IT fresher can opt for:

• Core Java

Java is the most popular programming language and core java developers are among the highest-paid programmers.

Java is regarded as one of the most versatile, user-friendly, and richly-featured programming languages, offering rich APIs with which to interact outside of the programming process.

The Java course provides you with concrete insights into the concepts of data types, conditional statements, loops, and multi-threading, which will help you to plan around these most important features.

• Selenium Testing

To maintain a competitive advantage as a software tester, a software automation testing course like Selenium can give you a head start.

The Selenium framework is a free and open-source automated testing tool widely used to check web-based applications on multiple types of browsers. This framework supports scripts in different programming languages such as Java, C#, phyton, etc.

It is the most popular web testing tool with a 300% growth in job demand.

If you are interested to learn this course, check out the full details here.

Besides these two, there are more software courses. Check out our blog on 6 software courses for an IT fresher in India.

Let’s talk more about the institute Vit Technology and why it is the best for software courses?

VIT Tech: Best Software Training Institute in Pune with Placement

VIT Tech was established in 2010 by a team of experienced IT professionals with a vision to prepare young talents to excel in the IT World.

For the last 10 years, VIT Tech continues to help students learn top Software courses, find opportunities and build a rewarding career.

We have the vision to create an atmosphere of technical learning and be one of the largest Online Instructor-Led online education programs.

At VIT Tech, we also run training programs for Professionals, Corporate and Institutions and we strive to provide courses at par with the leading national and international institutions.

Why choose Vit Tech?

In-demand Software Courses

We offer Online instructor Led software courses that are more comfortable, interactive and offer the closest classroom learning experience. 

Our Top software courses are:

  1. Selenium Automation Training
  2. Full Stack Web Development Program
  3. HADOOP Certification Training
  4. AWS Architect Certification Training
  5. Java Certification Training

Salient Features of our Software courses:

  1. These courses are designed by industry experts and knowledgeable professionals.
  2. We offer Weekend Training for working professionals.
  3. All the courses come with Lifetime training accessibility.
  4. We also bring Guest lectures on the Panel to share their knowledge from time to time.
  5. All the courses come with placement assistance.

Placement Assistance

We have a core dedicated team of recruiters who help companies find the right resources starting from entry-level to senior level.

VIT Tech placement process is thorough and as per the industry standards to ensure quality resources for our clients.

We work directly with clients for their resource requirements and hence we do not charge any cost from the students or applicants.

Our clientele includes giants like Tech Mahindra, HSBC, Cloudrek, Capita, Capgemini, Symphony, and many more.

Success Stories

In the last 10 years, we have helped over 2000 students learn the best software courses and kick-start the career with our placement assistance.

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Learning software course at a training institute that also gives assurance of a job is a double bonus for a fresher. Hence, VIT Tech is the right choice for you!

With us, you get help with placements and have the reassurance that your future career will be much rewarding.

Have any questions? Contact us now and let our counselors help you!


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